Julianne Thal - AFH Property Manager

Julianne's love for seniors started at a young age since she was blessed to have all her grandparents in her life. She had a close relationship with her grandparents until they passed when they were 99 years old. Three of her grandparents had dementia and her Grandpa Bill said he was just tired and wanted to hold grandmas’ hand and went to sleep one day. 

Julianne's family is her life. Her family owned a construction company and built schools all over Alaska in very small villages. She started working for the family when she was 12 as her mom’s bull cook and the housekeeper. Her dad always said, “do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again”. 

From a personal standpoint Julianne is very familiar with the stress and strain of caring for a loved one.  Her late husband was diagnosed with cancer when they were just starting their lives together.  Throughout the ordeal, she was his main caregiver and worked full time with two small boys. She was supported by a host of friends and family who made the situation bearable. After he passed, she reconnected with her old high school sweetheart, Cory Thal.  They got married, had two more kids and are living happily ever after in Edmonds where she grew up!

To keep up on all the new trends of senior living, Julianne continued her education and got certified in areas that she felt would have the most impact with helping her clients.  Julianne states, "everything that have I experienced and the knowledge that I have gained helps me to assist others that need information, support and help for themselves or their loved ones for the next chapter in their lives".