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Senior Couple


Helping you navigate working full time and finding quality senior care for your loved one in need!


  • Only 56% of caregivers report that their work supervisor is aware of their caregiving responsibilities. - National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2015).

  • About 17% of U.S. full-time workers act as caregivers. - Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Survey.




  • Caregiving costs the U.S. economy $25.2 billion in lost productivity.

  • 69% of working caregivers caring for a family member or friend report having to rearrange their work schedule, decrease their hours, or take an unpaid leave in order to meet their caregiving responsibilities.

  • 49% arrive to their place of work late, leave early, take time off. 15% take a leave of absence, 14% reduce their hours or take a demotion, 7% receive a warning about performance or attendance, 5% turn down a promotion, 4% choose early retirement, 3% lose job benefits, and 6% give up working entirely.

  • Caregiving has shown to reduce employee work productivity by 18.5% and increase the likelihood of employees leaving the workplace.

  • More than 1 in 6 Americans working full-time or part-time report assisting with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend. Caregivers working at least 15 hours per week indicated that this assistance significantly affected their work life.

  • They report missing an average of 6.6 workdays per year, which amounts to 126 million missed workdays each year across the U.S.

These statistics reflect how difficult it can be for you to manage a full time job and finding quality care for your loved one.


We can provide peace of mind with a completely FREE service to handle each step of the process for you.


We have a team of professionals who work closely with providers (Independent Living Communities, Assisted Living Communities, Adult Family Homes and Home Care). Because our team works so closely with providers, we know what options are available and can provide the best level of care for each unique situation.


We are one point of contact for you, walking through the entire process. We also have an abundance of resources to provide, giving time back to you, your family and your place of employment! All of the time and worry can be passed on to Senior Housing Specialists.

We will provide you with resources you need and a Senior Advisor to walk you through each step! Get in touch with us to get the process started.

We will get back to you shortly!


Get the process started by filling out our Online Intake Form! We will get you set up with an experienced Senior Advisor, and from there they will walk you through the entire process.

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